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What To Wear During Southern’s Homecoming #SUHC17

What To Wear During Southern’s Homecoming #SUHC17

It’s the week of Southern’s Homecoming and you don’t know what to wear. Don’t worry! Here’s a few things that will get you together in no time.


Gold is in this season!

  • A great way to support the team is by rocking the school’s colors of course. Luckily gold is in this season, so you can find one of the school’s colors just about anywhere you go to shop. And even better, it looks absolutely great against all skin tones. It’s fall, but of course still warm for the most part here in Louisiana. Try this cropped sweater from with your favorite pair of denim & you’re good to go!

Think Comfort

Walking from tailgate to tailgate to see all of your friends can get tiring after a while. But it’s a must that you see everyone! Comfortable shoes are a necessity. Sneakers are a great trend this season. Try a pair of Nike Prestos or Vans to get you through the day. You’ll thank me later.
Another tip to staying comfortable during the day is to stay light. You don’t want to have too much stuff on you.

As ladies, we need our daily essentials to sustain the day (like lip gloss & a stick of gum) but a purse to carry it all is definitely not needed for a day like this. Girl grab you a cute fanny pack & go! Yes, you read that right; a fanny pack. They’re back from the 90’s & in again! RJB Accessories here in Baton Rouge has a few to choose from. This one is my favorite!
Now if you just can’t get with the fanny packs, that’s cool, I understand but don’t say I didn’t try to tell you! Try instead a cute wristlet or small side purse or even a cute mini backpack!

Beat the Heat

Nothing cuts a good time short like the sun. The sun may be beaming that day. Another great trend right now are dad hats/baseball caps. Put one on to shield your face from the sun while looking stylish at the same time. You can find one with cute sayings from stores like Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe or just play it safe with a Nike one.

Now, ladies, this is also a great method to protect your hair. We all know how the weather can affect our hair. Don’t get caught slipping, protect your leave out with a dad hat & call it a day.


Okay, we have all the basics covered, now it’s time to put it all together. All you need now to finish your look is a cute pair of sunglasses, your staple gold hoops and a pair of Lulu Rocks!
What better chance than Southern’s Homecoming to rock your ‘Mama Jag’ set!
Homecoming should be an enjoyable experience – time to reconnect with friends & family. Don’t overthink the fashion too much. If you follow these tips you’re sure to look cute & have a great time.
What is your must have to enjoy a great Southern Homecoming? Comment below! And don’t forget to share your #SUHC17 outfits with us using #bebatonrouge to be featured!

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