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Here's to the Millennial Moms!

Here's to the Millennial Moms!

Despite popular belief, there are absolutely no rules that state when you push out a baby, your life suddenly ends. I’m not sure if this was simply a scare tactic taken from the great big book of lies that parents tell their kids to prevent early pregnancy or what but I’m here call all bluffs.
Women have to be born with these supernatural, mystical powers and invisible crowns. Maybe I’m biased but maybe I’m not because I’m sure that Google can back me up in this but it’s true! They do so much with so little and regardless of the circumstance seem to get it done!
So let’s give it up for moms! The go-getter moms, the stay at home moms, the kickass moms who love their kids with all the breath in their body but still refer to them as assholes from time to time.

As always, as a mom, I break all the unwritten rules. Why? Because I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.
I’m the mom blaring trap music in the carpool line. Yes, I check homework and clean snotty noses and still manage to go out for guilt-free cocktails. I’m a constant reminder that you can create the life you want with an unapologetic attitude and Fashion Nova attire.
I’m the mom who knows that it’s okay to have pizza for breakfast sometimes and it’s not the end of
the world to have wrinkled clothes. Some days it’s Jordans and some days it’s light up shoes but every single day my kid is clean and happy so it’s no big deal. The millennial mom who
understands that I don’t know all the answers and I’m not perfect but yet and still, I’m a damn good mom. I’ll admit it, every day I don’t know how it’ll get done but somehow it still gets done.
Millennials moms sometimes get loads of grief for our nontraditional parenting
styles or new ways of thinking. The way I see it 3+1 = 4 and so is 2 + 2. Just
because we do it differently doesn’t mean any of us are wrong. Is it really so
horrible to teach our kids that George Washington is our first president, Donald
Trump is our worst president AND Cash money records took over for the 99 and the 2000?
Well, with all that being said, I’d like to invite you to Dear Mama: A Mother’s Night
Out where you’re free to do as you please. You can take a night off to enjoy positive
vibes with women who get it, women who get you. With all the magic pumping through our veins, sometimes we forget to stop and refuel. Mothers wear many hats; nurse, entrepreneur, student, teacher, companion, trap queen and the list goes on. Come experience the vibe, we’ll
have trap bingo, live painting by @dreamgabrielle, bubbly beverages paired with
urban southern taste prepared by Chef Dae of Everydae Eats, and best of all
good company.
Dear Mama will be Hosted by @afromamacan and @coffeexhustle on May 11th. The event is
sponsored by: @yesimsmiley @yoganoirproject @xiomaradagod
@sweetdorganics @ @iviviicosmetics @k_kouture_designs @lacedbyleah_
@mint_melanin @hercosmeticsllc@ @culture_kidz @_poetryfreak @royalteaexchange
Positive vibes will be provided by: @selfmademandy @itsjaemichelle
Reserve your seat here:

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