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The Hardys Get Real About SEX!

The Hardys Get Real About SEX!

Meet Ronaldo and Cristian Hardy, the pastors of Love Alive church and the hosts of the beBATONROUGE partnered 10-week series “Real Sex Talk”. Real Sex Talk is a Facebook live series discussing the 10 ways that married couples can move from a sex drought, to a sexplosion. Got your attention now?
After 10 years of marriage and having 4 kids, Ronaldo and Cristian have found a way to keep things spicy in their sex life. They also found a way to keep it real by sharing the bumps in road they’ve encountered or how they’ve been having some of the best sex of their marriage (stay tuned for week 10’s “I’m tired” positions).

“We’re transparent anyways,” said Ronaldo Hardy, co-pastor of Love Alive church, “as it relates to marriage, there are topics that people don’t want to cover, sex being one of them.” Ronaldo and Cristian would seek out spaces to help them navigate their intimacy troubles, they realized that most people were not “keeping it real”. After doing ministry sessions with some of their congregation members, Ronaldo and Cristian realized that there were common issues being left unaddressed. “We felt that there was a need for someone to emerge and deal with some of these issues,” Ronaldo said, “we have a passion for helping people.”
Cristian reveals that it was hard for her to be transparent, “It’s definitely hard to express your sexuality [as a woman], but by putting ourselves out there is helping me embrace being open. You can’t help other people if you’re not open.” Cristian embraces a new type of freedom through sharing her and Ronaldo’s experiences.

Everything takes a solid foundation to build upon and the Hardys definitely have that. “We don’t really care what anyone has to say about us, because we have each other.” The Hardys have been viral on Facebook twice and have been targeted with negative feedback. “We’re so rock solid with each other, we just consider the people that we can help more than those who may have an issue with us.”
The couple is now 2 weeks into the 10-week series and it has been a learning experience for those who are both single or married. If you haven’t checked out the episodes yet, go to to catch up on the first two episodes and sign up for the free downloadable. The Hardys go live on beBATONROUGE’s Facebook every Tuesday at 9PM.

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