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The Best Summer Beauty Hacks

The Best Summer Beauty Hacks

This video is all about how to stay fly in this Louisiana heat! Our beauty consultant Britny Vashun has prepared seven summer beauty hacks that are sure to save your life.

Beauty Hack #1: Primer
Primer helps mattify the face so your makeup stays in place all day. We all sweat, but when you are in Louisiana heat, we really sweat. Even if you prefer the dewy look, a mattifying primer can keep your makeup looking fresh all day long.
Suggestions: Becca Ever-Matte Primer, Wet and Wild Matte Primer
Beauty Hack #2: BB Cream instead of Foundation
Because it is so hot, especially in Louisiana, using a B.B. cream instead of traditional foundation. This is best for summer because the coverage is lighter versus a heavy cakey feel.
Suggestions: Black Radiance BB Cream
Beauty Hack #3: Gel Moisturizer
Gel Moisturizers are a great way to absorb moisture in the skin without using lotions which tend to get sticky in the summer.
Suggestions: Johnson and Johnson Moisturizer
Beauty Hack #4: Deodorant
We know that deodorant is a MUST all the time. During these hot months, it is going to be multi-purpose as well.  Deodorant is helpful to combat thigh chaffing in women, and even to prevent even when wearing thong sandals.
Suggestions:  Dove 
Beauty Hack #5: DIY Body Shimmer
This hack is going to be best for saving your hard-earned money, but also getting a summer glow. Body shimmer or (also called shimmer oil) will give you a glow this summer and is perfect for any vacation. We know you’ve seen Rihanna’s body lava, but check out this cheap DIY dupe.
Beauty Hack #6: SUNSCREEN
This summer we are protecting our skin. Using a sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 will help prevent sunburn if you plan on vacationing or being in the sun for long periods of time.
Suggestions: Banana Boat Cool Zone SPF 50
Beauty Hack #7: WATER
Drinking water will help keep you hydrated during this summer and is a great way to keep your skin clear and glowing.
Suggestions: Drink lots of water. 

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