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4 Pro Tips to Creating Your Professional Vision

4 Pro Tips to Creating Your Professional Vision
So… you want to create your professional vision? Your vision is where you want to go, and your strategy is what drives your vision. Think about it like this, your vision is your destination, and your strategy is the vehicle to get there. Your plan is your roadmap. So it is up to you to create your blueprint for success. In order to truly be successful, you must be intentional.To truly create your vision, and see it manifest itself, consider following these four pro tips:

  1.   Create your utopian vision of what you want to do professionally. Set your timer for 5 – 10 minutes and write your vision of what you envision. What does your vision look like? What does it sound like? How does it feel? How do others feel when they come in contact with you or your business? Who do you need to assist you? Who is your key team? These are just a few questions to get you thinking…write down what you really want to see. This is the written form of what you would create if you were designing an artistic vision board. This may seem funny or extreme, but if you are afraid to write down your own vision, it will never manifest!!
  2. Create long and short-term goals. Turn that vision into actual goals. Clearly identify where you see yourself or your business going. Take some time to jot down your specific goals. It is important to classify your goals into long and short-term goals so that you can break them down into manageable chunks. Listen, if you attempt to go all in at one time, the odds of reaching your target are slim. We must be intentional to win! We must also be strategic. Ensure that you are creating S.M.A.R.T. goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-focused, Timebound. Answer the following questions:
  •      What will the goal accomplish?
  •      What’s your method of measurement?
  •      Is it achievable?
  •      What is needed to accomplish it?
  •      What is the reason, or benefit of accomplishing the goal?
  •      What is the completion date?
  1.     Establish timelines and targets. Now that you have established your goals and created your vision, it is time to identify clear timelines and targets. Think about this, long-range goals are actually a bunch of strategically sequenced short-term goals. Using your tools, you created, set actual dates on your calendar of when you hope to achieve your short-term goals. Remember, your vision is where you want to go, and your strategy is how you get there. You need to create your own roadmap to reach your destination.
  2. Choose an accountability partner. We all need a check and balance system. Its like having a personal goal coach. This person could be your brother, your best friend, ora co-worker. You know who that person is who will hold you accountable to your professional goals and objectives. Share your goals and deadlines with that person to keep you on track. Your accountability partner will ask you questions such as,
  •      Hey, hows that project coming along?
  •      Are you close to meeting that goal you told me about in January?
  •      Whats getting in the way of you meeting your goal?
  •      How can I help you reach your goals?
  •      Have you considered…
  •      Did you think about reaching out to ___ for assistance?

As much as we would like to believe that we can do things alone… the fact is we need a support system. Leverage your team around you to help motivate you to your personal finish line. It is so important that we include others to also motivate them. Theres no better feeling than when we win with a team behind us. With true support and a plan, we have intentional purpose. With purpose, passion, and perseverance, we place ourselves in a position of authority over our lives. Be vulnerable and open enough to share your vision with a few people you trust to keep you going on your journey!!
Again, these are four pro tips that appear very simple, but can become quite complex once you start to put them down on paper. Take time out to invest in strategically developing your professional vision. It is critical that you are detailed and as strategic as possible. The only way to reach the target is to aim effectively and intentionally. Also, ensure that you revisit these four pros tips periodically to assess, evaluate, and recharge your professional vision to live your best life yet!!

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