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A New Recipe for Gumbo hits Baton Rouge

A New Recipe for Gumbo hits Baton Rouge

When you think of gumbo what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A savory mix of smells from various ingredients of diverse color, shape, and purpose. Gumbo is a dish that crosses class and racial barriers and truly illustrates the “melting-pot culture” of Louisiana. In this way gumbo is like music, universally relatable and crosses the staunch barriers casted on us by society.

Gumbo Jam Nite takes a similar approach to the creative nightlife scene in Baton Rouge. Gumbo Jam Nite is a monthly event for creatives to come together and express themselves. Each month musicians, vocalists, songwriters, poets and those who appreciate the arts get together to listen, socialize, and network. “Gumbo features art in all forms, a chill atmosphere, and an array of talented people,” said CJ Trusclair of The Michael Foster Project, “If you enjoy those, then Gumbo is the event for you.”

This event is put on by Universal Language and Certified Weirdos, a collective that is all too familiar to the music scene of Baton Rouge. Universal Language is a local band formed in 2015. Born from the Baton Rouge culture, UL was created to push the boundaries and limitations of music. To them “no genre is off limits.”

Why did it start?

The purpose of this event is to not only showcase local Baton Rouge talent, but to also create a “Creative space for Creatives.”

“I wanted to create an event that was geared to the creative community. Talent is abundant in the Baton Rouge area, but there are few outlets for creatives to consistently share those talents. Gumbo Jam Nite provides creatives with that opportunity,” said CJ Trusclair.

This atmosphere of chill vibes and soulful energy is an outlet for the urban contemporary looking to perform their work, network with other creatives, and simply have a good time. The cultural perspective to be gained from this event is one that an individual can not put a price on.

During this vibrant experience of live music and creative energy, one can look around and see a true “melting-pot”. A sea of onlookers move to the groove of diverse genres of music while artists convey their emotions and experiences through song, poetry, dance and more. This event has urban appeal while also catering to the growing population of creatives in the Baton Rouge community.

The next event is Sunday, March 31st. Get a taste sample of the gumbo below, from one of their jam sessions.





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