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Baton Rouge Style Files: Graduation Edition

We’re back with another Baton Rouge Style Files! This month we’re highlighting two of our Baton Rouge college graduates. Breyonna Grant & John Carmouche are two DYNAMIC young adults that are ready to show up & show out for the city.

Breyonna Grant (@bg.thegreat)

Start by telling us a little about yourself & your major:

I’m Breyonna Grant, also known as BG! I currently reside in Houston, TX but I’m originally from Baton Rouge.  One thing about us, you will NEVER take the Baton Rouge out of the girl. This May I graduated from Texas Southern University with a Bachelors in Journalism, concentrating in Public Relations & a minor in Entertainment Recording Industry Management. I love Hip-Hop. I connect with the culture and history of Hip-Hop and it’s honestly one of the main sources that shaped who I am today.

Your style is so funky & dynamic! What inspires your style?

I get dressed according to my mood. Some days I feel like sweats and sneakers and others I want to pull out a mini skirt and 6-inch heels. It just depends on me, and how amazing (or not) the weather chooses to be. HA! My style is constantly evolving, however, one thing’s for sure, I am always comfortable! If I have to suffer, I just won’t do it…unless it’s shoes  and I still take precautions to avoid that as much as I can. I always feel for the girls that are extra uncomfortable to be cute, but better them than me. I couldn’t do it!

You’ve had the opportunity to attend a few colleges. What motivated you to stick it out through it all?

Man, it’s been a journey! There have been moments where I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, but my faith in God has been the main source of strength throughout college. I experienced growing pains, learning and understanding myself as an adult, and coming to terms with the trial and errors of life. Although my family was a source of motivation, as you begin to grow as an adult, you realize that the decision to succeed or to fail is completely personal and when you don’t have the answers, the higher power does.

When you’re missing Baton Rouge, what helps to remind you of home?

Baby, all I need is some crawfish and a daiquiri with The Gap Band’s “Outstanding” or Boosie Badazz “Haters” blasting through the speakers, then boom, I’m back home.

Do you feel that Baton Rouge inspires your style any?

Definitely. We are colorful people, in personality and in style. Baton Rouge taught me the true importance of a shoe game. Do what ya do, but watch my shoes!

What’s next for you after graduation?

I’m excited to have the time and energy into the things that I love the most. I have a visual & digital podcast show called Royal Rouge Radio and an organization, The Gifted Project, that I’m in the process of expanding. Career-wise, I’m open to a plethora of opportunities. I don’t want to limit myself at all. The sky isn’t even the limit, it’s the view.

John Carmouche (@johntcarmouche)

So, first off tell us about yourself & your major:

I’m a Baton Rouge native, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. I started off as a Marketing and Public Relations major after launching a startup and transferring to Louisiana State University. I decided to take a more entrepreneurial track through Interdisciplinary Studies, focusing on Business Administration, Communications, and Psychology. At first, I was apprehensive about changing my major to something outside of the College of Business, but after doing research I found that several other credible creatives had made the exact same decision. In the past creatives were solely that; they hired people to handle business. Now if you are creative it benefits you to be able to handle all sides of your career. If felt like the right thing to do and I’m grateful that I did! It gave me the opportunity to expand my perspective, and learn things that were outside of my previous experiences and skill sets to help me to be a more efficient entrepreneur.
How would you describe your style?
My style is…..staying true to myself. From the music I listen to, the places I choose to hit for a happy hour, what I follow on social media, or in what I wear daily, I like to stay true to what feels like me.  I like to do things that are true to me and how my life flows.. so it really just depends on my schedule that day! I get inspiration from everywhere.
You’ve already done a great job of establishing yourself as an entrepreneur. How do you feel your degree will add to what you do now?
Thank you. My goal was to finish my degree and represent to people in my family that anything is possible. My mom was a first-generation college graduate that planted a seed for higher education in her family, and my dad didn’t get to complete his degree.  I watched him work really hard my whole life despite that to provide for us. To my core I’ve always been an entrepreneur so I think now that I’ve accomplished the goal of just completing college, I can move on to focusing on bigger life goals with all the experiences I’ve gained through my college years in mind to keep making them proud!
How important do you feel style is in the line of work that you do?
Style is a very important thing in entrepreneurship. How you style your life is your way of telling the world who you are; it doesn’t matter what circumstance you are in. I’ve had times where I’ve been in big rooms with $0 dollars, but that didn’t break my confidence. I knew what was in me, and where I could go. So style is essentially all you have, it introduces you to the world…don’t doubt it!
Now that you have your degree, what’s next for John?
Staying outside of anything limitations that life puts on me. I know that the sky is the limit but like a lot of other entrepreneurs and any young person with a vision in general, I  know I have a lot to offer this world and I won’t limit myself to any specific role or title when I know the potential I hold. Now more than ever it’s super important to create our own opportunities…not only for ourselves but for other people in similar situations as well. Nobody benefits from playing small so if you have an idea, make it happen! Just imagine how many people are waiting for an opportunity to do graphic design, styling, or even through things like BeBatonRouge… you know… anything! The world is waiting for you to do what’s inside of you….so do it! I’ll continue to stay true to myself, and engage opportunities that speak to the greatest version of me…and gain more clarity of my true purpose!
So motivated & ambitious! It’s no doubt that they will make Baton Rouge proud wherever they go & whatever they do. Be sure to follow them to stay up to date!

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