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#beFEARLESS: Brittany Harris Shares Her Transitioning from Hustling to Business Ownership

After teaching for 5 years, Brittany Harris, owner of Rich Connections decided to design the life she dreamed of, despite what society had instilled within her through the course of earning multiple degrees and working a professional career.
” I always wanted to elevate to the top and along the way I decided I wanted to connect with people that can join me on the journey,” says Harris.
Harris still stays true to her educational background through her day-to-day business building, but this time around she is the connect. While on her pursuit to build Rich Connections, she discovered success quickly and has now began to build ways for other women to plug into building their own beauty enterprises.
On the #beFEARLESS podcast, Harris discusses transitioning from hustling to business ownership, setting structure and growing into the best version of yourself.


  • 1:00 The Pulling Desire to Want More
  • 4:50 Transforming Your Hustle to Doing Big Business
  • 6:45 Obstacles Along The Way
  • 8:00 Managing Employees and Clientele
  • 12:00 Staying Focused and Sacrifice
  • 16:15 #beFEARLESS statement to future business owners


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1 Comment

1 Comment

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