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#beFEARLESS: Nicole Thomas Urges Healthcare Professionals To Find Purpose

Nicole Thomas realized in the past few years her day to day duties with patients weren’t meeting her purpose. She knew that she was destined to live beyond the chart and took her matters to God. After much reflection and moments that fell like ” hell to pay”, Nicole started to pen what would later become her book, “In Health, On Purpose!  Awakening Your True Calling In The Healthcare Profession”, a guide to fulfilling your purpose within the healthcare industry.

” I knew there had to be more than what I was doing every day at work,” says Nicole Thomas. ” I knew that I wanted to be a community health advocate for patients and practitioners.”

In the #beFEARLESS podcast, Thomas talks expanding your career beyond industry limitations, how she and her partner launched Louisiana Healthcare Services, living life unapologetically and making sacrifices.

Press play below!

1:10-1:30 Reflections on Growing Your Business
3:31-4:51 Why Quitting Isn’t an Option and The Lonely Journey TO Achieving Your Goals
5:12-5:43 The Journey is the Key to Your Success

6:02- 7:10 Personal Definition of Purpose and What Makes It Unique
7:40-9:54 Why Success Means More Than Just Money, Fame, and Appearance
10:44-13:17 Why Sacrifice is Vital For A Successful Business
13:26 14:44 How Change Can Be Beneficial
15:24-16:16 When Business Becomes The Real Deal

17:00-17:57  Personal Reflection and Internal Conversation
18:19- 18:42 The Next Level of Business
19:00- 20:51 Why Conflict Should Never Interfere With Business
20:58-23:00 No Foundation Without a Mission or Vision

23:36– 25:06 What’s Real and Whats Fake
25:20- 26:47 Day-to Day Business with Nicole Thomas
26:56- 27:26 Choosing to be fearless


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