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#beFEARLESS: Sevetri Wilson Talks Staying Grounded and Making Sacrifices in Business

Sevetri Wilson is used to innovating on solid ground, but through her latest venture, Exempt Me Now, she is breaking new ground and working to defy the odds that are statistically stacked against her.
” I knew my decision to start, Exempt Me Now would yield 10x the results of my first business. Statistically, women are known to raise less than men, black tech founders raise less than other races… but going into tech space allows me to do something Solid Ground Innovations was already doing at a higher capacity while touching people all over the world.”
On the #beFEARLESS podcast, Sevetri Wilson talks about how making sacrifices and transforming ideas into reality, got her to where she is today as a black woman in technology.
Press play below!

  • Defying the Odds (1:34)
  • Obstacles/Being a Black Woman in the Tech World (2:51)
  • Finding Support and Staying Motivated (4:05)
  • What Sparked the Idea “I Can Be My Own Solution?” (5:20)
  • Taking it Back/Making Dreams a Reality (6:42)
  • The “Crabs in a Barrel” Mentality/Sitting at the Table With Other Women (8:43)
  • Lessons Learned When Wanting to Give Up (10:16)
  • Sacrifices Made in Entrepreneurship (11:36)
  • Attaining a Business/ Investing in One Another (12:46)
  • From a Thought to Making it Happen (14:38)

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