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Boosie Bash Successfully Marked As Baton Rouge's First Major Hip Hop Festival

“ History will be made” was the tagline for months of promotion leading up to “Boosie Bash,” Saturday, March 10th. The event was powered by Boosie in partnership with Baton Rouge-based Perfect 10 Productions.

Photo by Chris Palmer Photography

Boosie Bad Azz is one who I can personally attest to as a history maker, but this past Saturday he brought a new level of energy to Baton Rouge. With over 9k attendees, some of which traveled from as far as Albuquerque, NM and San Jose, Ca, Boosie Bash proved that the hip-hop community will produce numbers. 

Diddy IG post in support of Boosie Bash. Image via Diddy’s Instagram

” This event is historic because every hip-hop great produces an event for their hometown. Like Jay-Z, Yo Gotti, T.I and Diddy have done in the past, Boosie wanted to give his fans across the country the opportunity to see his perspective of Baton Rouge,” says Perfect 10 Productions founder Terral C. “T.J.” Jackson, Jr.
In 2015, the two attempted to have Boosie as a host for TJ’s annual Black and White affair, the event was going on its 13th year, only to have city-parish officials (at that time) unexpectedly pull the plug on the event just three days before it was to take place. The Advocate reported, the official cited unspecified security concerns as the reason. 
What changed to allow this event to be so successful? City leadership and event spaces that support all communities within our city.
According to, when done right, festivals promote a city’s brand, increases tourism, fosters the arts and community involvement and increases revenues for the municipality and local businesses. They can even revitalize a city and spur sponsorships.
Leading up to the Boosie Bash, both Boosie and T.J. gave a behind the scenes view of the intense planning that went into what most are now calling Baton Rouge’s first hip-hop festival.

Boosie and Perfect 10 Productions Event Manager, Erica Jackson meet with Southern University officials and law enforcement prior to Boosie Bash.

“There were a lot of logistics that went into planning an event that city-officials and the community would not be afraid of,” said T.J. in regards to security and building community  trust. “Boosie and I knew we needed to open up our planning process to ensure people felt safe.”
Despite concerns due to the demographic of the events audience, there were no incidents reported according to police reports.
“All the local law enforcement agencies wanted to make sure it this was a safe event.  It was important to have the appropriate number of officers and equipment present to keep our community safe.  The businesses involved, the promoters and the after party businesses all did their part to be responsible businesses owners,” said BR Police Chief Murphy Paul.  
They took the appropriate precautions to make sure the events were safe. Anytime we have an event like this with no incidents, it makes you proud of our city.  It gives hope to our community when we come together in masses for a good time. When no one gets hurt and we are peaceful in our partying, it presents future opportunities for economic development. We want to thank the community and all those involved.”
We had an opportunity to talk business and future endeavors with Boosie prior to “Boosie Bash.” Listen in for what’s next from the Baton Rouge legend.

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