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Can Passion Drive A New Generation of Politics?

Noam Galai / Vanity Fair
Lucy McBeth, Georgia resident and a mother that lost her son to gun violence, thinks so. After losing her son Jordan in a shooting, Lucy McBeth became the national spokesperson and faith and outreach leader for Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.
“While it was terrible at first, I’ve learned that sharing my personal story has, thankfully, made an impact,” says McBeth.  ” One of the most effective ways to inform and persuade people is by telling them about your first-person experience. It’s a credential I wish upon no one, but I’ve found solace and purpose through my fight. We need more common-sense solutions to difficult problems.”
After hearing the same response over and over again, McBeth decided to run for Congress in Georgia. Read her full testimony, featured in Vanity Fair, of why she is humbly offering her voice in this debate for the safety, security, and hope of prosperity across the country.

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