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Chicken Shack's Joe Delpit featured in 'Food and Wine'

Joe Delpit is not your average local business owner. Delpit has been in charge of Baton Rouge’s own Chicken Shack Restaurant for over 50 years, having taken over the mini – chain at the age of 18 following his father’s death. As a pillar in the African American community, Joe Delpit has had more of an impact than one can see on the surface.
Joe Delpit started working in the shop at the age of five, assigned the task of making sure the toast didn’t burn and by 14 was making deliveries all over town on his bike. After being told by his father that his deliveries were not fast enough on his bike, he took Joe to the DMV and lied about his age so he could get his license and drive the truck to make faster deliveries.
Delpit, not only used his mobility to make deliveries but also used it as an opportunity to take his own place in the country’s civil rights movement and giving people rides to work during the 1953 Baton Rouge bus boycott.
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