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Comedian and Activist, Dick Gregory, dead at 84

Elbert Barnes PROTEST PHOTOGRAPHY / Flickr / Aug. 8, 2015 /

A pioneer in activism, justice, and comedy: the world will miss Dick Gregory.
Dick Gregory was a civil rights activist, American comedian, writer, and an actor. In the 1960’s he was known in the stand-up comedy world for his “no-holds-barred” sets, where he criticized racism. Until 1961, he only performed to black audiences becoming the first Black comedian to successfully cross over to a white audience. He appeared in several television shows.
During the Vietnam War, Gregory protested against racial injustice and was arrested multiple times for the stands and hunger strikes he did. He later became a motivational speaker and an author, mostly promoting spirituality.
Dick Gregory died this month in Washington D.C. due to heart failure.

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