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‘Drawing A Line’ – Art with a Purpose

In the heart of downtown Baton Rouge – you can find a hidden gem. ‘Drawing A Line’ – an art mural created by Bryson Boutte sending a message about lack of homeownership and increasing rental costs in the Capital City area.

This is the third mural installation from The Walls project campaign #ONEROUGE.

“Through the medium of public art and partner collaboration, The Walls Project will utilize public murals and conversation to spur action to reduce the barriers preventing Baton Rouge communities from rising out of poverty.

​To ignite the conversation, The Walls is launching a crowdsourced fundraiser. Each of the murals will showcase artists’ interpretations of the root causes of poverty in America to raise awareness around each of the drivers, challenge preconceptions, and present solutions.

Specifically, with #ONEROUGE The Walls will feature existing community partners already doing the good work that with more community support can raise our city up.”


“This piece felt like it had a power of its own, pulling me to finish it everyday. Then George Floyd was murdered and America’s magnifying glass went to issues that have effected citizens for decades. I feel like this piece is a reminder of where we came from, and the type of action they took to install a strong community.”
– Bryson Boutte, Artist


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