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Finding Balance: Running A Business and Raising Babies

The scariest part of being a mom and an entrepreneur is knowing that your children are depending on you to make it work. You are responsible for more than just yourself and the sacrifices that you have to make more times than none, directly affects them. Staying focused and sticking to your schedule is always difficult with kids demanding your attention.

Contrary to popular belief, this -ish is not easy! As a mom, my day starts as soon as the first child gets up and ends when the coffee wears off.

What do my friends think?

Everyday is my weekend and I get to chill with the kids all day. (Yes, watching Ninja Turtles on repeat while trying to come up with a social media strategy is SUPER LIT!) *inserts eye roll* Guess again!
Friends: “Oh, I’ll drop by later…want to hang out?”
Me: “No ma’am, Pam! My home is now my office. I do not and will not come to (insert your place of employment) to kick it with you. I respect your job and you will respect mine. Since becoming an entrepreneur I’m actually working way more now than when I was actually answering to a boss.”

What does my fiancé think?

I sit at home all day, scrolling Instagram and INTENTIONALLY forget to wash the clothes. And what about my own mom? She just knows I’m free to run her errands or sit on the phone for gossip sessions.

– Nichol Gardner, mother of twins, age 1 on people’s opinion of stay-at-home moms

I’m at home… over-analyzing while burning sage and blasting Tupac to balance my energy instead of stressing over unpaid invoices, difficult clients and the burnt chicken that was supposed to be dinner. I’m constantly trying to find ways to new ways to level up, be innovative, remember to eat and find polite ways to decline opportunities from MLM reps trying to recruit “moms like me.”
Don’t get fooled by the stock photos of moms “working” with their kids smiling on side of them in a clean house, that’s NOT life.

“Try switching with a mom and you’ll see it’s way more to it then you think.” -Tyquincia Miles, mother of 2, ages 1 and 5 months
Here’s how I make it happen in business and still win every time (well, almost every time) with the kids. This is what I found to stay productive and monetize your magic, despite the screams and spit bubbles…
Are you ready?
Take care of home FIRST! I’m not crazy, hear me out. If they’re happy, that won’t bother you and you can actually get to the business.

I work when they sleep. I play with the kids, tend to their needs, run errands, change diapers, potty train, and trip over dump trucks all day. The grind really happens during the dark hours when the house is quiet.
I somehow manage to balance it all. It gets overwhelming, it gets real but it gets done. Of course, I’m distracted by my daughter’s coos but I see them as reminders that I must win for them and constant encouragement.

Jasmine Easter, mother of 1, age 5 months on how she balances it all.


Kiara Marcell, mother of 2, ages 10 and 2

The biggest reward? Less waist trainers and more wine! Who else enjoys working from the comfort of their own home no matter how challenging it really is?

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