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HomeGrown: Law Offices of Dathan Hill

Born and raised in The Bottom, Dathan Hill accredits his success to everything he’s been through. Before becoming the multifaceted Attorney at Law, lover of hip-hop, and businessman, Hill recalls what it was like growing up in the South and how it shaped him.
The McKinley High School Alumnus remembers how neighborhood events like the “Bottom Bash” and “May Night” were some of the biggest moments of his childhood. Outside of his own family, South Baton Rouge was his family and helped transform his life more than he could have ever imagined. After graduating from the Big Blue and White, Dathan Hill chose to stay in Baton Rouge to attend The Southern University and The Southern University Law Center. As a student at SULC, he didn’t imagine himself going into private practice. Hill just knew he wanted to help people who were unable to help their own situations. After meeting two older African American attorneys in private practice, he became motivated to start his own. Years later Hill’s mission is still the same, to give all his clients the best outcome.

In addition to the Law Office of Dathan Hill, Hill ventured into the restaurant business. “Rouge City Cafe”, located in south Baton Rouge, was a soul food restaurant he always wanted to open. His message to future business owners is “if you cannot give 100 percent then there’s no need for you to get involved.”
The Law Offices of Dathan Hill is located Downtown Baton Rouge walking distance from the Courthouse, his favorite food places, Cigar God Fathers, and his home. He believes downtown has a great community of developing young professionals and a great indicator of the future of Baton Rouge.
Follow him on social platforms @DathanHill or visit for more information.

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