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HustleGram: beBOLD For Yourself

Can you believe that the end of the first quarter of 2018 is rapidly approaching? Just this week I mentioned to the beBATONROUGE team that it felt like the year was just starting. We are finally grooving in a way that felt like we were in sync. It feels like destiny.

Just a few months ago, we were nervous about this “thing” we were vibing on. Was it an idea or was it worthy of BOLDLY being birth? After many rounds of Bounce Sessions with the Byan Group team, we BOLDLY went with our move and just “put something out.” The thing about being BOLD is there is no expectation to succeed; just an expectation to do some dope -ish and learn something along the way.

During what we considered our pilot phase, we learned a lot:
We learned that each of you loved our content. So much that we couldn’t keep up, so we took a break to really sit back and plan this thing out! 

We also learned that no matter what you PLAN to happen, often times it never quite works out that way. If you find yourself in that position, I encourage you to check out Nicole from Magestic Group’s “Go-Getter’s Guide to Reset”.

On February 25th, which should go down in history as beBATONROUGE DAY, we had a few conversations, disagreements, but most of all we built the plan to get this thing moving. 

March’s theme  is “Luck Be A Lady,” not only in honor of Women’s History Month, but as a nostalgic homage to the legacy that women continue to leave through our own work; luck has nothing to do with success, but being BOLD certainly does! You can quote us on that…

While scrolling on IG, I came across our feature image of Rosa Parks and Shirley Chisholm in 1968. Can you imagine this moment? The conversation these two dynamic icons were having? I’m sure neither of them truly recognized the BOLD impact their actions in that week, month, or YEAR would have on women in 2018. I recently had a conversation with Erika L. Green during an Audio Dope podcast recording about moments like these; check out Ain’t I A Woman.
I’m excited about the future of beBATONROUGE! We encourage you to share your stories, thoughts and ideas with us on how your will beBOLD.  Feel free to drop us a line and share your moves. 
Courtney Hustle
Founder and Editorial Director

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