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Hustlegram: A Word From Everyone’s Favorite Auntie Maxine

Hustlegram: A Word From Everyone’s Favorite Auntie Maxine

*Updated February 26th 2019. In honor of Women’s History Month, beBATONROUGE wants to revisit when Congresswoman Maxine Waters came to Baton Rouge in 2018 and her commentary on the current social climate. Read more below!

Everyone has that Auntie that keeps it real and keeps you focused on your goals. Over the last year, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA) has stepped in and RECLAIMED HER TIME and her position with the young urban contemporaries. She recently visited Baton Rouge and left a word that is sure to inspire you to RECLAIM YOUR POSITION in the craziness of today’s world!
You want to check out:
3:45 What made millennials adopt Auntie Maxine?
6:06 When Women Didn’t Have A Seat At The Table
10:35 The Makings of A Movement
13:30 What Do We Need
17:00 Her Work In Congress
20:20 Trump’s Mission
26:00 The Clapback and The Fight
27:00 How You Can Get Invloved

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