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Is Traveling for Work Worth It?

When I tell people I travel often for work they say “Oh that’s so cool!” or “That must be exciting!” And while it can be cool & exciting it has it’s downfalls as well. My job requirements literally state that I had to be willing to travel 80 % of the time. This is why  last month alone I may have slept in my own bed at my house a total of 5 nights as work trips ran into summer weekend trips then right back to work. While traveling for work can be rewarding it is coupled with challenges as well. If you’re considering a job that involves travel hopefully this will aid in you making the best decision for you.


Pro: The first pro is obviously the travel! For work I travel in between various parts of Louisiana & Mississippi. Louisiana & Mississippi may not host the fanciest places but it’s still worth it. I love to try local restaurants to eat at & try to steer away from places I can eat at in Baton Rouge. With these experiences, I have also been able to rack up on my loyalty points for various hotel chains. Recently, I have been frequenting Marriott hotels. The points that I have been racking up are sure to come in handy.

Con: Well traveling has it’s downside as well. I’m required to drive most places. In the mornings I am good for the most part. But a 4-hour drive after an 8 hour day of work can be a bit challenging. Another thing to consider with the travel is the wear & tear on your personal vehicle if you are not given a company vehicle.

Pro: You get to be alone. It can be super relaxing to be away from home. Since I travel by myself I use my time on the road to think, journal, work out, etc with out any distractions of home obligations.

Con: Being alone can be a double whammy. If you’re used to being around your family & friends a lot this may hit you for a blow. 4 out of 5 nights of the week I eat dinner alone. I personally enjoy it, but I know that for some the effects of loneliness may set in.

Pro: The experience! Traveling for work is not something many people do. Even within my company, I have a unique opportunity. I meet various team members & it has really allowed me to grow in my career. With every visit I make I learn more & more. I am then able to compile that information to further myself & others in the company.

Con: Your health may suffer. The biggest thing physically I suffer from due to traveling is fatigue. Since I am constantly on the go I don’t feel that I rest appropriately. When I have the time to, I usually sleep a Saturday away only to have to prepare to get back on the road Sunday so I don’t get much personally done. Hotel rooms may appear “clean” but you just never really know. I’m also in contact with a lot of different people. I got sick once & it lasted longer than I feel that it should have because of my job.

To make your travel easier here are a few tips:

  • Take vitamin C or other supplements to aid in your health.
  • Keep certain things packed to cut down on the hassle of packing. I always keep a few underclothes, a work outfit, a pair of jeans, & toiletries packed.
  • If you’re traveling via plane pack as light as possible & carry on. This will cut down on some of your travel time so you don’t have to wait for baggage claim & whatnot. Also, wear slip-on shoes. This cuts down on time going through TSA.

Despite the pros & cons of traveling for work, I am very grateful for the experience. If you travel for work comment some of your pros & cons below! If you’re considering traveling for work, I hope this helps in making your decision.

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