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Jokes on You if You Haven't Been to Knock Knock

Jokes on You if You Haven't Been to Knock Knock

If you’re looking for something to do with the kids that they’ll absolutely love, Knock Knock is the place.
Knock Knock is an interactive children’s museum located on Dalrymple, providing an innovative learning experience for children. Honestly, I had to get the kids outside of the house and exploring before I lost it. I was searching for somewhere that they could enjoy but still be able to learn in the process. We’ve been to the bookstore, we’ve been to the park but what’s next?

The bubbles were definitely a win! What kids don’t love bubbles?

There were some familiar names spotted in the grocery store! Here we have the Sanderson Farms chicken, there was also go-gurt, Manda sausage and Blue Runner beans. Items that they’ve probably seen mom shop for or have seen at home! The kids got a chance to fill their baskets with the items they love and even used the cash register to ring up their items for purchase.

Here’s an opportunity to go fishing.

Discover your inner musician.

The doctor is in! The veterinarian was able to diagnose the patients and write out their prescriptions. He hasn’t even made it to kindergarten yet but doesn’t stop his eagerness to help his paw friends.   
The art station allowed the kids to let their imagination run wild and gave their creativity a chance flow onto the canvas.
This is a great place for kids to learn and stay intrigued and excited to see what’s next. Knock Knock is a museum that will put them to sleep after the tour and not during.

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