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JP Chase Morgan & Co Announces Redevelopment Plan for Plank Road

JPMorgan Chase & Co. announced that the are giving a $100,000 planning grant for the East Baton Rouge Redevelopment Authority (EBRRA) to create economic opportunity along the Plank Road corridor in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
JPMorgan Chase recognizes the importance of having a plan in place to develop and drive equitable outcomes for families, businesses, and communities.
The grant will provide opportunities for local leaders to identify the greatest needs facing their communities and help improve community-driven neighborhood plans. Christopher Tyson, President and CEO of the EBRRA says that he’s excited about having the opportunity to develop the integrated community, “The goal is to come out of this with a clear map that reflects the community’s desires.”
Plank Road is a popular street in Baton Rouge that remains a significant commercial area for the neighborhoods of North Baton Rouge.  One of the plans is to make Plank Road into a transit-oriented neighborhood anchored by quality affordable housing, neighborhood commercial development and a concentration of social services providers and amenities within a walkable, safe and culturally vibrant environment. This initiative is part of a plan to bring bus rapid transit (BRT) to Baton Rouge due to status as the second most traveled transit route in the Capital Area Transit System.  The combination of pervasive blight and high transit usage underscores the need for a equitable transit-oriented redevelopment plan.

Councilwoman of District 5 Erika Green says that this is a quality of life investment that will be felt for years to come in the neighborhoods that will change as a result . She continues in saying, “J P Morgan’s funding equitable development projects the type of national investment in our communities that we as a city has been striving for . The fact that the investment is in North Baton Rouge creates a trend that should be a driving for for additional economic development.”
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