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Just Keep Swimming: How to Maintain Your Sanity in a Chaotic World

We live in it day to day, see it on television, feel it in the workplace, and experience it in school, but has chaos ever caused you to lose your sanity, even if it’s just for one moment?
Monday, you didn’t seem to hear your alarm clock, which caused you a tardiness write-up at work. Tuesday, your local news app notified you of 101 things that went wrong in the city you call home. Wednesday morning, your car wouldn’t start. Thursday, national news reported a mass shooting. Friday, President Trump hit the media with nonsense yet again. What about your weekend? Well, that was cool, but you couldn’t enjoy yourself much, because the swiftness of time wouldn’t stop reminding you that another chaotic week is right around the corner.
Although you can’t control the world, you can control the ways in which you cope with its many obstacles, whether it be positively or negatively. Here are 4 ways to maintain your sanity in a chaotic world:

  1. Have a #selfcareSunday

#selfcareSunday is all about you! You’ve spent an entire week doing things for others, but what about yourself? You need a little TLC too, right? Go to the mall and purchase yourself something nice. Wash your hair and make it look nice for the start of another week. Or, light a candle and feed your soul with positivity through meditation. What about exercising your body for a healthy mind? Feeling good about yourself internally and externally will never steer you wrong. Remember, you are the architect of your well-being. You set the expectations and standards of your life.

  1. Sit back, relax and playlist

Many scientific studies have shown that music is therapeutic for the emotions and the body. It also aids in focus, acts as a distraction and allows exploration of emotion. According to Science of People, music connects with the automatic nervous systems as well (brain function, blood pressure, and heartbeat). When listening to slow, relaxing music, the body follows by slowing the heart rate and dropping the blood pressure. So what type of music produces the best result?

  • Native American, Indian-stringed instruments, drums and flutes
  • Sounds of nature (rain, thunder, the ocean)
  • Light jazz, classical and easy listening music


  1. Unplug life’s cord from the world

From social media, to college, to the device that you’ve always got in your hand, we are all connected to the ways of the world in some way. Start by making it a priority to disconnect. For example, putting your cellphone on DND during the completion of important tasks or turning off all electronics for a set period of time each day. Get in a peaceful space where it’s just you and your thoughts.

  1. beKIND

It feels good to make others feel good, doesn’t it? I mean, how great is it to know that one tiny act of kindness could make someone else’s entire day? It could be as simple as holding the door open for someone or helping an elderly woman cross the street. Ladies, what about the tons of clothes you have in your closet that your haven’t worn in years? Pack them up and ship them out to someone who needs them!
Another week is on the rise, and another one, and another one. They don’t stop, but you can’t go wrong with these 4 awesome tips to carry along with you. Remember, self-love and kindness toward others can go a long way. Contribute to the healing of a chaotic world by maintaining your sanity. Remember, it starts with you. Maintain that sanity!

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