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Listen Up: The Audio Book Review of Gabrielle Union's Book

From the Audible Mind of Erika L. Green
Founder of IWE Festival –  A book and cultural festival in Baton Rouge
So, I’m always reading something… but recently, the busyness of my life, has made this avid paper-back book lover move to Audible. I admit that words on the pages have to be the best part of the book for me. However, I have grown to love a good audio book lately.
This round of “listening” isn’t my first time with audio books, for years I was the girl  in EBR Parish Library browsing their audio book selection. Did I mention their selection is very up to date! It’s worth the click to the link I have attached!  
My reason for this drawn out introduction is to say my first part of this review has a lot to do with the audio book experience. A book can turn sour if the recorded voice/narrator that reads it is not chosen wisely.  Here it goes… but in Gabrielle Union’s “We’re Going to Need More Wine”, Gabrielle Union is the narrator herself. What a treat!  
Next, it’s a memoir. So don’t get caught up thinking that she will only discuss her adult life with you. She happens to gift us with the most uncanny childhood experiences that typically are left out of biographies.  It’s the most personal sister girl, ISSA RAE -like, truthfulness I’ve ever read, or heard in this case. Gabrielle has literally penned her personal thoughts, insecurities and most profound life lessons.
She narrates us through friendship from childhood , to work girlfriends, and the uneasiness about growing up black but surrounded by a white community.  She even addresses sexuality! If you are saying to yourself, TMZ told me that, no listen for yourself! They failed to mention the context in which she spoke. Just know this, as a woman in her 40s, she is VERY aware of her sexuality divulges the depths of it. Yes, I needed MORE WINE!
She discusses colorism and life-long  “Brown Girl Fight” as a child,  professional, and in dating. Gabrielle shares personal stories from every angle of her life, even as deep as as being a stepmother raising black boys in a racial climate. She also discusses social economics and the reality of poverty in the Black culture. Every chapter shares intimate details that are familiar to our culture as a whole. In one recollection, Gabrielle recalls  her maternal grandmother advising her mother  on Gabrielle’s unfaithful father, “if you’re being taken care of … you stay.”
She also describes the realness of watching your friends with the same growth opportunities fail to reach any level of success because their attachment to poverty stricken environments.
Then there are the tales of the boyfriends.  You will feel like you have met each and every one of them. It will also make you understand the difference when you meet the one. As she shares her love story with Dwayne Wade, I couldn’t help but appreciate the the uniqueness their love story, which is perfect for them.

The journey “ We’re Going to Need More Wine” takes you on won’t disappoint. Gabrielle’s narrative is reminiscent of the detailed conversations you share with your friends at all stages of your life.
I’ll end this review by stating she has taken this time to shine a light on the struggles of stardom and the road to success. She also opens up about the lack of respect and minimal opportunities given to black women in Hollywood, like in every profession. She explored mental health on a different level but the fact that she shared it was enough for me. The book will definitely cause you to look at your home girl and say “ We’re going to need some more wine.”
To listen up to a sample of “We’re Going To Need More Wine”, or to check out the entire book,  check out EBR Library’s audible book. All you need is your Library Card Number.  #thankuslater

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