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Local Teen Author Advocates Against Cyberbullying

Local Teen Author Advocates Against Cyberbullying

The current generation was born into technology.  With social applications like Instagram and Snapchat fighting for people’s attention, it can be overwhelming, especially if adolescence is factored into the equation. Cyberbullying, a form of bullying that takes place over a digital medium, has been a growing problem for the younger generation.
Sixteen-year-old author and Baton Rouge native, Aaliyah White addresses cyberbullying with her debut book “Living Life Through #Hashtags.” White says that the topic of cyberbullying was her motivation for the book.
“Living Life Through #Hashtags” is a 100-page guide on how to navigate live through social media. “Our generation has trouble staying focused on one thing, so I wanted to make it straight to the point,” White says.
The author says she drew from her own personal experiences with social media, and from others’ experiences as well. She found that around her, mostly girls were experiencing cyberbullying.
According to studies from Tulane University, around 1 in 3 students will experience cyberbullying and females and twice more likely to be a victim. Kids are more likely to suffer cyberbullying from a friend than a stranger. Cyberbullying kids are also 2 to 9 times more often to contemplate suicide.
“My audience is from middle school up to college, because that seems to be when you have the most problems [with cyberbullying],” White says. The teen author’s message to her current and potentials readers is “to stay encouraged and know that you’re not going through it alone.”
White believes that education, “Stay true to your books, yourself, your dreams and goals. Love yourself and don’t let anyone else tell you different. She also knows the importance of having peace and wants to remind everyone that it’s ok to unplug for a while.

The book is now available via While the author does ship her books, she likes to personally drop orders off to stay connected to her readers.
“Love yourself and don’t let anyone else tell you differently,” White says.
For resources if someone you know has been cyberbullied, click here.
To learn more about what you can do against cyberbullying in Louisiana, click here.

Statistics courtesy of Tulane University’s School of Social Work.

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