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March for Our Lives- Baton Rouge

On March 24th, Baton Rouge Youth will join families across the country to demand the lives of students become a priority. The call to action is centered around calling for legislative bills addressing gun control.
With mass shootings in schools happening everywhere, students have made it vocally clear that they will no longer sit back. Students being shot before prom, teachers having to choose between their own life and their students’ lives, and families getting an unexpected call about their teenager can no longer be just a tragedy.
Policy change and comprehensive bills must be America’s next step. Just last week, Americans filled the United States Capitol lawn with shoes of young children to commemorate the killings since the Sandy Hook Shootings. Since 2012, 7,000 students and teachers have been killed by gun violence at school. In just three months, 17 school shootings have already occurred. A day after 7,000 shoes were scattered across the US Capitol, high school students walked out of class and held demonstrations to stand up for our lives. #NationalWalkOutDay showed Americans and law makers the youth of our country will not back down. This is the fight of their lives to save more lives. Enough is enough.
President Obama took to twitter saying “Young people have helped lead all our great movement. How inspiring to see it again in so many smart, fearless students standing up for their right to be safe; marching and organizing to remake the world as it should be”. The Forever President told the youth, “We’ve got your backs”. This Saturday is an opportunity to show the youth not only do you support them too, but your support to end mass shootings. The focus of the March on Saturday is to urge congress to address gun control and ensure no more mass shootings in schools. Originating in Washington D.C., sibling Marches are being hosted in over 838 cities Worldwide.
To join March for Our Lives – Baton Rouge at 2 o’clock pm in the North Boulevard Town Square as they March to the Capitol Park. If you can’t make it to the march donate to the cause and sign the petition to save our children at .
On March 24th the collective voices will be heard by Congress.

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