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“Mental Health is important… WE GET IT! Now let’s start Healing” – Boo Milton donates to Local Non-Profit for Healing in Schools

Emanuel Milton, widely known as “ Boo Milton “, founder of Cure with Love Strategies and creator of the globally renowned Sparkbox, is passionate about bringing healing to Baton Rouge. He points out that healing, though, has too long taken a backseat to awareness. He describes, “We go to all these conferences and talk about how important mental health is. ‘Mental health’ in the light of awareness has been a buzzword for the last few years, but where is the action behind it? We now as a collective society understand that mental health is important, so what is the next step? It’s the healing.”

In the interest of actively promoting healing in Baton Rouge, Boo chooses to support Humanities Amped, a nonprofit organization that works to amplify well-being, youth voice, and community- minded problem solving in Baton Rouge public schools. Humanities Amped works with educators and students at five East Baton Rouge public middle and high schools to promote student well-being, belonging, voice, and engagement in civic problem-solving both inside and outside of the classroom. Milton first got connected to Humanities Amped through his high school teacher and Amped co-founder Destiny Cooper, and he chooses to stay involved as a mentor and volunteer because, in his words, he sees that the work of Amped is effective. In particular, because he believes in the power of healing through connecting with others, Boo values the work Humanities Amped does to engage youth, educators, and community members in healing circles. Humanities Amped Outreach Coordinator Emma Gist explains that “As an element of restorative justice practices, circles give participants the opportunity to share their stories with one another by ensuring that every voice in the community is valued and heard. In Humanities Amped, we invite young people and educators into the brave space a circle represents because we believe in its power to humanize people for each other.”

Milton recognizes the work of Humanities Amped as authentic, healing action. “Instead of creating a space to talk about healing,” he challenges, “Let’s create spaces for healing. It’s time to shift our focus and investments from awareness to action. ” Because Humanities Amped is in the business of creating those spaces, Milton has chosen to donate to the organization, and invites others to do the same. He hopes to see more opportunities for people to engage in healing circles because of their power to deepen connections and generate solutions from within the community. The Amplify Hope Drive, Humanities Amped’s annual fundraiser, is happening now.

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