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MetroMorphosis Releases Shifting the Narrative featuring Van Lathan's Message from Black Out Loud Conference

Shifting the Narrative, hosted by MetroMorphosis CEO, Raymond Jetson is a conversational podcast featuring Black Out Loud founder, Donney Rose. This episode recaps the 3-day conference that ends with the keynote presented by Van Lathan,  a Baton Rouge native that currently resides in Los Angeles and works as a producer for the pop culture conglomerate, TMZ. Van gained a new level of awareness when he chose to challenge Kanye West thoughts about black people’s position on slavery, earlier this year.
The inaugural Black Out Loud conference has sparked dialogues and perspectives around changing the narrative in the Baton Rouge community. The conference brought together a myriad of people that are intentional about living their cultural truth.

Episode Highlights:
6:30 Normalizing Blackness 
“It looks like being able to exist in the fullness of your humanity. Black Out Loud celebrates the idea that you do not have to be marginalized or compartmentalized because you are Black.
10:45 The Idea of Identity and How Do We Build Black Culture

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