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XXL Magazine reports, The Baton Rouge Native rapper, NBA YoungBoy, has been extradited to a Georgia prison where he will face aggravated assault, kidnaping and weapons charges. This is all following his February arrest, on a fugitive warrant, in Florida. It has been confirmed, Youngboy was denied bond.
These charges began with with an altercation between he and his girlfriend, Jania, in a hotel in Georgia; surveillance footage of the incident surfaced. They appeared to be fighting in the video, albeit Jania denies he harmed her and says they were playing around. Neighbors of the incident who heard the noise called the police, and when they arrived the couple had fled the scene.
If convicted of charges, Youngboy could be sentenced to 10 years in prison. Prosecutors are mandating he serve a suspended sentence for his role in an aggravated assault with a firearm  in 2016. In this case, the rapper pleaded out with a confession and a commitment to the judge he’d stay out of trouble or serve 10 years. The District Judge told him, “failure is not an option.” She is scheduled to review his probation on May 18th.
Since the arrest Youngboy has pushed back the release of his debut album ‘Until Death Call My Name’ from its initial release date of March 2nd. It is now expected to be a late April release.
For the Full story head to XXL.

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