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New Orleans Rap Artist Speaks On The Southern University Experience

The illustrious Southern University has been known to produce exceptional and passionate individuals who have a lot to offer society. Such is the case for student-artist June LH, a Southern University student and a New Orleans native, specifically from the Westbank.
June LH is a rapper–influenced by the styles of Juvenile, Hot Boyz, Master P, J. Cole and more. His end goal is to become a music mogul, hence the business minor. “You follow your dreams, but you always gotta have something to stand on”, LH says. Receiving an education is important to the artist, but he’s viewed his experience more as a networking opportunity. He felt that attending Southern University was his best choice.
June LH began his undergraduate years at Louisiana State University, but after personal issues arose, he decided to leave the school. One of his cousins suggested that he transfer to Southern University. “When I touched foot on that campus, I loved it,” LH says. While still navigating through his personal troubles that caused him to leave LSU, he was able to enroll into Southern University. LH credits God and then Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ella Kelley for giving him a second chance. “When she did that for me, that’s what stuck me there,” LH says, “You got genuine people there, that understand the reality of what people go through.”

Dr. Ella Kelley, former Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, passed away in 2015

While at Southern,  LH has made meaningful connections. He’s met both his current manager and publicist. “Everybody around me has honestly had some type of thing about them to help me out. Everybody got a gift. That’s why I network so much,”  LH says.
LH wants to bring opportunities back to his hometown. “Music is life for me, not just being on that stage,” LH says. “It’s about artwork, period.” He wants to end the trend of the “crabs in the bucket” mentality.

Rap artist, June LH, performing at the House of Blues in New Orleans

His latest project, an 8-track EP titled Truth Prevail is now available on Spotify and Apple Music.
“In the city, you have a gumbo bowl, you know, you get a mixture of everything,” LH says. “That’s what I try to do, I try to deliver diversity and I try to relate that style and I try to always stay true to myself,” the artist explains. For the future, June LH expresses that he’s not interested in going viral for a hit, but would rather stay true to what he knows and to help rebuild the music empire in New Orleans.
You can follow June LH at @_junelh on Instagram.

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