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Online Dating: Swipe Right for Love

“What about you .. is there someone else?”

“No, no but there is the dream of someone else.”

-You’ve Got Mail

Technology has made so many things in life more convenient creating access to information and resources our predecessors could only dream about. Our global village has allowed us to make friends from Australia all the way to Zimbabwe! Time zones and language barriers are now no match for modern apps and social media platforms bridging the gaps between people. But how does all this accessibility effect life’s most intimate relationships? How does love navigate through the binary code and create meaningful relationships?

Whats all the hype? Statistics show that roughly 20% of current relationships in America begin online. And the staggering numbers don’t stop there, of all online daters men make up about 52%. While there are plenty of apps and sites that are primarily geared towards users interested in casual sexual encounters and low/no commitment-there also are many platforms created to unite marriage hopefuls. In fact, studies have shown that nearly 17% of online relationships end in marriage! What goes down in the DM, may end up at the wedding chapel!
So, if you are like a large percentage of online daters hoping to find success online, here are a few tips to help you on your way to finding love.
1. Safety first: Never meet new dating partners at your home. First meetings should always take place in a well lit public location. If after your initial meeting things escalate sexually, always practice safe sex. Safe sex 101, boys and girls!
2. Catfish is for Poboys: Always post clear, recent pictures of yourself that accurately represent what you look like in person.  I repeat,…..what you look like in person. No one likes being surprised during their first date when a stranger arrives claiming to be the person in the picture. No catfishing, please! Be yourself, you’re great!
3. Have an exit strategy: First dates can be nerve-wracking, especially if you meet online. Hopefully, despite new date jitters, things turn out great and you two hit it off! However, in the event things go sour, have an exit strategy in place so that you can scoot on out the door if need be! Code Red!!
4. Live your best life: Enjoy the process! Maybe, you didn’t meet the one this time around , but don’t be so quick to write them off. Some of the best friendships started out as botched dates! So let loose and savor the experience of meeting someone new!
Happy swiping 🙂

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