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Overhaul of Marijuana Penalties in Baton Rouge

Some marijuana users may be in for a treat. According to, the East Baton Rouge Metro Council recently met on Wednesday, February 28th, to discuss an overhaul of marijuana penalties. The adjustments would alter Baton Rouge’s current marijuana ordinance and decrease some penalties to summons and fines.

“The adjustments we are attempting to make in terms of Marijuana enforcement is the first step in long term crime prevention. For far too long in our community we have allowed the penalties for marijuana to create a caste system keeping people from participating in the American vision. If we want safer communities where citizens feel empowered to take advantage of opportunities we must follow the lead of larger cities and help our citizens. With the passing ordinance the other night we have take a HUGE step towards progress.”-Councilman Lamont Cole

With the new ordinance police officers would be directed to issue summons to people they find with less than 14 grams of marijuana. However, Police Chief Murphy Paul says that officers could still arrest those defendants who violate state laws such as non-cooperation or refusing to give officers identification. If signed off by Mayor-President Weston Broome the new law would go into effect in 30 days.
To find out more about the new proposed marijuana ordinance please go to WAFB for a full story.

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