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Paint for A Cause with Kultivated Artz

Kayla “Rose” Magee, owner of Kultivated Artz, in collaboration with artist Akil Bennett present “In Living Color”, a benefit event for the new Our Lady of the Lake Children’s hospital. Magee says that she was inspired by her own daughter, who gets sick frequently, to create the event. “It can be scary to know that your child has something and there is no cure or no way to fix it,”  Magee says, “We either have to live with it or let the sickness run its course.”
Realizing there are parents that are not able to afford to healthcare, or there are institutions that want to help, but can’t, Magee decided to take action. “This event was created because we need to give back to those in need. I know my purpose is helping others, especially those who can’t help themselves,” Magee says, “I know people love to paint, even the kids. Trap and Paint Parties are extremely popular right now.”
Rather than throwing another paint party to make a quick buck, Magee decided to combine her love of art and her desire to give back to the community at the same time through creating “In Living Color”.
As an artist in the Baton Rouge community, Magee feels that the future is bright for the art scene in the city. “If you’ve noticed we have had some AMAZING things going on in the community with different artists, artwork, galleries, social events, etc. The art community is rising in Louisiana rapidly,” Magee says.
Indeed there has been a rise in recent years for networking events for young professionals and a willingness to collaborate with one another. It brings Magee so much joy to see the growth in Louisiana, especially here in Baton Rouge.  “Believe it or not, so many dancers, photographers, business owners, etc. come from right here in our own backyard. They just leave because there are no opportunities here. I see Louisiana having more opportunities and avenues for our people to succeed right here.”
Kultivated Artz Studios started out as Rose Dance Art Design in June of 2016. The business offered dance classes, dance workshops, paint parties, and custom artwork. “I felt like I needed to go back to the drawing board because something was missing,” Magee says, “That’s when I came up with the name Kultivated Artz. Cultivated in its correct grammar means growth.” As a multi-talented individual, Magee wanted to build a business that reflected not only growth in herself as an artist, but the growth and inspiration in other artists. “Baton Rouge has so many talented souls, why not begin to create a space for us to share and create with each other,” she says.
Kultivated Artz Studio now offers services in photography, dance, and art. Kultivated Artz has plans to stay busy for the next 1-2 years. The mission is to create an outlet that inspires others to evolve in their own artistic desire. Kultivated Artz plans to have creative spaces for artists to come, teach and inspire with each other. They will also be giving back to the community and creating more opportunities for children.
Support Rose on Sunday, August 12th at the “In Living Color” event on 151 Third Street from 3 p.m. – 7 p.m.

For more information, you can email or visit the website You can also follow their social media and look up “In Living Color” on Facebook. @KultivatedArtzStudios or @joynaee_ on Instagram.

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