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Prioritizing Your Purpose: Why Personal Development Is Important for Every Young Professional

This year for me is all about leveling up my life. I never wanted to be the kind of woman who doesn’t maximize her potential by being unwilling to yield to my dreams and goals. Women often place their desires on the back burner out of fear of things unknown, lack of resources, the absence of support from loved ones, and the fact that we simply don’t give ourselves the permission to be excellent.
At the end of my birthday brunch, my friend Sharree asked what are some goals that I wanted to achieve in my personal new year. I took a deep breath and rattled off several things over bottomless mimosas, one of them being personal development. When I saw that several of my favorite tastemakers and influencers such as @myliek, @angelarye, @sarahjakesroberts, and @mattiejames were slated to present at @Blavity’s #Summit21 conference in Atlanta, I knew that I had to be there.


Walking into the expo hall inside of America’s Mart, my heart raced at the sight of about 1200 Black women buzzing around the main floor laughing, catching those angles for Insta,  and simply flourishing in a space that was carefully curated just for us. Too often Black women are pinned against each other, so it was incredible to see us gathered together to be intentional about empowering ourselves to say yes to our dreams.
The conference was designed to provide insightful spaces on how to become more efficient financial stewards, setting beauty and wellness goals, and understanding how our influence impacts cultural politics and policies. Although I went alone, I never felt isolated during the two-day conference. Everything about this conference was excellent, from the free gifting suite to dance parties during lunch with @cocoandbreezy.
I came back to New Orleans with new sisterfriends from all over the country.
The takeaways from empowerment conferences like #Summit21 are paramount to becoming your best self. It is our natural instinct to explore, travel, discover and ultimately grow. If we don’t honor this instinct, then we become stagnant and bored. That feeling can be a heavy and unnecessary burden to bear. Engaging in personal development activities gives you an opportunity to increase your social capital, expand your business network and push you outside of your comfort zone. You can start by developing a Personal Development Plan, which outlines goals that you would like to achieve, how you will achieve them, and a timescale for each goal.


If you ever have the opportunity to attend a women’s conference, please don’t hesitate to make it happen. Far too many people are right on the cusp of success, but give up after negative self-talk overrules facts. Did you know that a single act of faith and a single dream fulfilled has the ability to alter the entire course of your life?
Bet on yourself, because that is always a sure thing.

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