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Project 70805 and Hancock Whitney Bank Host Homeownership Seminar

Project 70805’s Stages Homeownership Homebuyers Seminar will be held at Scotlandville Magnet High School on Aug. 24 at 9:30 a.m.

Project 70805 is a non-profit organization that aims to support and increase economic and social capital in North Baton Rouge. It was founded in 2016 by Jason Hughes in response to the 2016 Louisiana floods.

“Project 70805 quickly mobilized to provide flood relief to those affected,” Hughes said. “With local and other campaigns, it raised more than $40,000.”

In 2017, the organization started offering services and programs that empowered the youth community by giving educational sponsorships and apprenticeship opportunities.

The homeownership seminar is one of the many programs that Project 70805 hosts.

This weekend’s event, in partnership with Hancock Whitney Bank, will feature workshops that will teach residents of North Baton Rouge and the Greater Baton Rouge area how to use resources to become homeowners and the stages of homeownership.

Hughes and Hancock Whitney’s Multi-Financial Center Manager, Denage Piper, expressed how important events like the seminar are to underserved communities who seek economic empowerment.

“Knowledge is power,” Piper said. “If we give the people information needed to make the Dream of Homeownership possible and they execute by purchasing a home. We in turn are creating Economically Empowered individuals.”

Hughes echoed Piper’s sentiments on the impact of knowledge and empowerment.

“Through economic and educational empowerment, Project 70805 strives to serve as the catalyst for future leaders and change makers in Baton Rouge,” Hughes said. “[By] cultivating a generation ready to invest in and eager to positively transform their communities.”

The partnership with Project 70805 and Hancock Whitney started after Hughes took Piper and its Community Lending Specialist, Daisy LaGrue, on a tour of North Baton Rouge and explained his frustrations about the lack of qualified home buyers in the area.

Piper explained the importance behind Hancock Whitney’s decision to partner with Project 70805 for the seminar.

“Our values align,” Piper said. “Through Commitment to Service, hoping to give the people of 70805 and surrounding areas the Strength and Stability needed to sustain a neighborhood where people can feel safe and attract other businesses to the area.”

Investing in the community and service were values that were instilled in Hughes as he grew up.

“One of the greatest things my parents instilled in me…is the value of investing in the community,” Hughes said. “There’s not only a need for it as the area has dearth of resources but it was an opportunity to transform lives in that area.”

With this weekend’s event and others, Hughes has been able to do that. He explained that Project 70805 anticipates between 125 to 175 families to participate in the upcoming event.

To find more information on the seminar and to register, visit

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