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Recap & Stream: The #beFEARLESS Conversation with Nicole Thomas, Brittany Harris, and Terrica Matthews

In honor of National Women in Business month and our OctoBR “fear factor” theme, we hosted “The Conversation” with local prestigious female entrepreneurs that are building in business. The Conversation is an engaging dialogue that compliments original beBATONROUGE features. This month our conversation was titled #beFEARLESS: Women Building in Business.

Saturday morning brought Terrica Matthews, CEO of Premier Planning & Consulting Group and Credit to Closing, Nicole Thomas, Co-Owner of Louisiana Healthcare Services and Author of “In Health, On Purpose!”, and Brittany Harris, CEO of Rich Connections sat down with me, Courtney Scott, founder and publisher of beBATONROUGE  together to inspire and empower others who aspire to defy the odds. The morning’s discussion was centered around the journey of owning your own business, checks and balances, vision and competition. Each woman gave real accounts on how have and continue to successfully build their businesses and operate on a day to day basis.


In addition to to the live discussion each woman, including Sevetri Wilson, sat down one on one to share their wisdom:

  • For tips on financially preparing to take the leap of faith, check out Terrica’s podcast.
  • Check out Nicole Thomas’ podcast for inspiration and encouragement while finding your purpose.
  • If you’re struggling to turn your hustle into a legitimate business, Brittany shares about her transition in her podcast.
  • Although Sevetri was unable to join us today, due to pitching her ideas to venture capitalists in New York, she ironically talks about how making sacrifices can be beneficial to the businesses’ success in her podcast.

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