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Rihanna's New Makeup Line, Fenty is for Every Woman

FENTY is every woman of color’s dream come true!

This past week, Rihanna broke barriers in the beauty industry by releasing a makeup line that is for EVERY woman for EVERY color. And we cannot get enough of it!
Developed by Kendo, the same company that developed Marc Jacobs Beauty, FENTY touts 40 shades of the Pro Filt’r cream foundation, 20 Match Stix concealers one lipgloss that she has named Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer perfect for every shade, highlighters that will make every girl swoon over, and shimmer sticks that we are ordering RIGHT NOW. We are so ready to be the makeup guru of our girl gang.
According to the “Needed Me” singer, the reason why she created this line for women of color to make sure all make-up lovers’ skin tones are represented.

“That was really important, for me, for every product. I kept saying, ‘There needs to be something for a dark-skinned girl, there needs to be something for a pale girl, there needs to be something for everyone in between.'”

But how good are the foundation sticks? Do they really compliment dark skin tones? We went to the experts to hear their take of the FENTY line.
According to MakeUpShayla, Instagramer and Youtuber, the highlighters are fun and fresh, because they are so Rihanna! She also recommends the highlighting brush, “It is perfect, and it fits on the cheek perfectly.” And, of course, she’s in love with the foundation!

Beauty Youtuber, Laura Lee’s favorite was the Match Stix contour stick, and she loves the coverage of the foundation. Although not inexpensive, Laura Lee thinks the line, which can cost anywhere between $16 and $54, is reasonably priced.

Youtuber, Nyma Tang tried the Foundation #490 which is the darkest shade in the collection, it looks AMAZING on her! She also tried the plunder powder, which cancelled out on the extra shine that she didn’t want on her face and didn’t give her any flashback.

Nikki Perkins made us fall in love with the Cinnamon Matchstick, which gave her a nice shimmery look that made her face really pop!

If you are like us, we are heading to the nearest Sephora store and going to find us our perfect shade! Thank you Rihanna, for representing ALL of the women of color.

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