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A Sacred Steam for a Sacred Place: V-Steams and Your Yoni

So, I’m quite sure y’all have heard about the latest trend in female self-care right? Right? Well if you haven’t allow me to introduce you to it: Vagina Steams! Now fellas, this is where you might want to exit stage left and partake in another one of our featured stories. Ladies, this is where you might want to go ahead and get comfortable and finish this great read. Yoni steaming has been around for years. But, for some reason, it has become more popular in the United States. I’m sure if you haven’t heard of this spa treatment before that you’re like “Damn, I wish she gets to the point already.” Well here it goes: Vagina Steams, or V-Steams, are basically hydrotherapy herbal steam treatments for your vajayjay, your cookie, your snatch, your yoni, whatever you so chose to refer to your vagina as. Now, allow me to attempt to break the information down for you by sections to hopefully help you get an understanding of what really happens during a V-Steam and the benefits of it.
The purpose of a vagina steam can differ from woman to woman. Essentially the general purpose is to help balance your pH levels, detoxify your skin and body, and detox your vagina, cervix, uterus, and reproductive organs according to the two places in Baton Rouge that offer the service (Naked Wax Bar and Spa Benefique). The treatments assists with an array of things such as fertility issues, pms, menstrual pain and flow, increases libido, and it is even supposed to help tighten the vaginal canal. The benefits are plentiful and the experience is one you’ll never forget. So let’s move on to the process.
The process can differ from business to business, but I believe it is essentially the same. You come in (after scheduling your appointment of course) and they allow you to pick either a premixed herbal blend, or you can pick your own herbs. The premixed blends are usually for more common issues such as fertility, menstrual pain, etc. After picking your herbs they mix the blend and add hot water. From there you are asked to remove your clothes (from the waist down) and wrap yourself with a sheet. They’ll prepare your chair, or rather box, by placing your hot herbal water under, or in, the seat. You’ll then sit, with your legs spread wide and the sheet still covering you, on your padded seat and relax for the allotted time. Now, for those who are skeptical let me you assure you that the steam is NOT hot enough to burn you, but it is really, really, relaxing.
The process isn’t long, and the benefits are plentiful. However, some gynecologists have suggested that this type of spa treatment may have more cons than pros. I can say that the experience is awesome. It is very relaxing, and very, very liberating as well. I found myself sitting for about 45 minutes, reading my book and drinking my bottle of water while actually falling asleep. Not sure if it increased my libido, or tightened my snatch, but I am sure that I loved it so much that I decided to get one once a month just to spend time with me. Embracing our bodies and loving every inch of ourselves is something that we have to remind ourselves to do from time to time. As a woman, and a busy mom, I tend to go through the motions and not pay enough attention to my own needs. A V-Steam allows me time to get in tune with my body; with my femininity and to just embrace being a woman and giving that sacred spot a little extra attention and love. Hey…..don’t knock it ’til you try it! Maybe next time we can try a vajacial huh?

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