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Spring Cleaning? Sell the House

We have all heard that change is inevitable. For some people, the worst kind of change is going through a transitional period such as moving a parent into a nursing home, being forced to leave your childhood home, or the loss of a parent and the new responsibility of taking care of their home. It doesn’t help that the process of selling a family home can be frustrating and stressful, especially when there are repairs needed, title issues, ownership debates among family members, or the property is proving difficult to sell. 
Selling a house can be tough as it is, especially while juggling our busy lives, careers, and possible financial troubles. When selling the house seems like it’s becoming a huge problem, turning to a real estate investment company can make selling that house quick and painless. They take over the bulk of the legwork and often pay cash for the home or property. 
Dale Sterling, owner of Dale Buys Houses Now, has seen firsthand the pain that families endure while deciding whether or not to move out of their childhood home or dealing with the difficult decision and financial burden of moving their parents into a nursing home.
“There are often obstacles added to the situation including title issues, several owners on the home, or simply the home being in bad conditions,” said Dale. “My job is to take that task away from the client and make this process easy. I take my time with each client and assess the home and property. My goal is to find the best option for the client, and if it isn’t me, then I try to guide them in the right direction.”
Investment companies like Dale Buys Houses Now, can often solve problems more quickly and efficiently than any other entity. They are accustomed to handling a wide variety of problems including problems with the property, problems with the title, and other concerns that potential sellers have. An investment company will often solve problems that a title attorney, a realtor, and even family members have thought were not solvable. An experienced investment company can often get a lien reduced and work with the mortgage company even when a property is in foreclosure.
When clients call Dale, they will be asked a few questions regarding the property and the situation such as the location, size, and condition of the property, how quickly the seller wants the money and any specials circumstances the seller may have. A visit to the property will be scheduled for assessment, and then a representative will sit down with the client to go over all of the options available. Being honest and transparent is key for Dale.
When life throws you a curveball, instead of getting discouraged, take the first step in finding the support you need. Seeking assistance in areas that aren’t your forte will enable you to make the smartest decision possible and give you the wisdom needed to avoid financial issues in the future. Dale Buys Houses Now is here to help! With April being National Financial Literacy Month, now is the best time to learn more about real estate investment companies and how they can assist in turning life-changing moments into a financial win for you and your family. 
Dale Buys Houses Now is a family-owned, award-winning home buyer who has been in the rental and real estate business for over 30 years. If you have a question about a property or home, call them at 225-291-8000

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