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The Electric Queen Felise Doyle-Thompson

The title of “Miss Southern” at Southern University and A&M College has traditionally held the rapport of  being of “grace and dignity” while also holding a certain standard as the female representative of the university. The Queen is chosen by vote from her peers.
Annually, the year’s incoming Miss Southern is crowned during the university’s homecoming festivities. The SU Queen also appears with the other HBCU Queens in Ebony Magazine in an article reflecting the beauty, grace, and leadership of these women. Doyle-Thompson was voted as one of  the top 10 Ebony HBCU Campus Queens for 2018.
The Campus Queens program identifies collegiate black women who have demonstrated the ability to inspire, lead and give back to their communities, a news release said. Queens are chosen during a three-month online competition in which the public can vote for their favorite queens from 75 historically black colleges and universities.
My most memorable contribution as a Campus Queen is bringing back the Little Miss Southern University Pageant. I was able to inspire five little girls and taught them the importance of confidence, self-esteem, and owning their power,” says Felise while reflecting on some of the important moments in her reigning career.
Felise fulfilled the “Electric Lady” description while being SU’s 2018 by eluding Janelle Monae’s “Electric Lady” song by being “classy, sassy,” that would “put you in a razzle-dazzy”.
This past weekend, the 87th Queen, Miss Felise Doyle-Thompson, passed her crown to the next queen, Darby A. SmithNow, the Electric Queen is asking everyone to vote for the new reigning queen, Miss SU for Ebony’s HBCU Queen of 2019, just as they did for her the year prior.
To cast your vote for Darby A. Smith, visit Ebony’s website.
Before leaving her legacy, Thompson reminisce in her glory days, and gave wisdom to the next reigning queen and looked forward to what is next in store for her as a Southern Jaguar.

“What I learned while representing SU is PERSEVERANCE. There were obstacles, doubters, and mistakes, but with hard work there were no limits. The greater the obstacle, the greater the glory in overcoming it.”
“I taught others to believe in themselves no matter what. To never let the negativity of others deter you from your purpose. While we do get discouraged at times as long as we have faith and a strong support system you can overcome any obstacle.”
“LIVE IN THE MOMENT because it only lasts for so long and once it’s done it’s done. You would want to have made the most of the experience and your reign.
And it’s bigger than you… though you might wear the crown it belongs to the students and the community because you represent them and the institution.”
Next Steps
“God has been opening doors and placing great people in my life to pursue my dream in becoming a Doctor. So stay tuned!”

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