LetreceG is an Author, Public Speaker, and  Communications Expert who offers consulting services in Marketing and Branding. She is a native of Baton Rouge.


She realized her love for film and television at a young age. She’d record her favorites on Betamax tapes and watch them on repeat, to her family’s frustration. But, the more she watched, the more she was intrigued. The spectacle and possibilities of the images she watched fueled her interest in how they were presented.


Although hard to pick just one genre, Letrece finds suspense thrillers one of her favorite genres of film. Movies like “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” and “Fight Club,” where the boundaries of reality are pushed and questioned are always the epitome of cinematic gold. But, a classic comedy or drama like “Coming to America,” or “The Godfather,” is priceless as well.


Films are an important medium because they can be so nuanced. Films can be both entertaining and educational. They impact our society in subtle and not-so subtle ways. They are an intrinsic part of our history and culture. Film has been used to relay propaganda messages as well as shed light on current events.


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