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Thoughts and Prayers and Guns

Children are being murdered. Let’s get straight to the heart of the matter and be clear: this is the ONLY issue we are facing when it comes to our epidemic of violent culture and mass shootings in these Divided States of America. That simple, shocking statement should be enough to move a polarized nation to an unprecedented unification in defense of innocence.


Not in America. Mass Shootings are no longer subject to opinions. They are cold facts of life in this country, and as American as Apple Pie. We are all inherently understanding of the Democratic Process, and are more than aware of the arguments from all sides as it pertains to gun control and violence. We understand that the Wheels of Justice turn slowly; crushing hope, dignity, and faith. We understand that there is a mountain of a Mental Health issue that has been created by previous generations sweeping psychological disorders under the rug. We understand that guns are fun for hunting and safety measures for Americans, written into the Constitution, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for those that can afford it (or fall into the correct racial categories of White or Blue).
Yet, in the meantime, CHILDREN ARE BEING MURDERED. Innocence is being smashed to bits between a rock and a hard place. The immovable object, the 2nd Amendment, faces off with the unstoppable force: a Mother’s agony. The cycle of American children’s screams of horror, facebook debates, endless interviews of survivors, and the absurdly long, melancholy musical of murdered Americans is brought to the disgusting crescendo of “Thoughts and Prayers” from Capitol Hill.

Thoughts. And. Prayers. *insert hard, sarcastic laughter*

I try to be reasonable at all times, taking into account what a politician may have to deal with when being forced to the front of these crises. They are under tremendous pressure from all sides! On one hand, they have their constituents, terrified that their child may be the next victim for a ‘Breaking News’ story of an active shooter. Then, there are the people who are law abiding, 2nd Amendment preaching, gun owners that are ready and stockpiled to start the next Civil War in the event of a governmental weapons seizure. Then there is the National Rifle Association (NRA) and their campaign contributions for the upcoming election…..decisions, decisions. In the meantime, to fill the open, festering wounds left in the wake of Mass Shootings, here are some more THOUGHTS and PRAYERS.
I’m joking. There is no great dilemma here. I only stated all the above to prove that our elected officials are offering little to no real legislation on gun control because they are CHOOSING the outdated writings of the Constitution over our children. A document that was left open to change by the ‘Founding Fathers’ for situations JUST. LIKE. THIS. To protect the innocence that bleeds out on TV screens around the country once (or more) per week. They are CHOOSING to cozy up to the citizens of America that cannot part with their love of guns for the love and protection of our future generations. Hey, I’m an ex Soldier, and I get it! Guns are fun and when properly instructed, are wonderful hunting tools and an excellent pastime, but I have GLADLY turned over all of my weapons and ammunition in hopes that not one more child be gunned down while studying for a history exam. Our elected officials are CHOOSING to receive contributions from the NRA to fund elections and gain the right support for another chance to offer THOUGHTS and PRAYERS to generations of mass shooting victims to come! They are CHOOSING to ignore their duties to protect us, and turning down the volume on their TVs and phones so that they don’t have to hear the soul-piercing mournings of parents across the nation.
“This is the song that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends.” How hopeless a place we have arrived that “thoughts and prayers” are more useful shoved up Capitol Hill’s ass (pardon my English). However, I do sympathize with our politicians a bit though. What else do they have to offer? In all honesty, the legislation that has been passed or proposed, in the last 20 years, to curb these shootings, is as useful as their THOUGHTS and PRAYERS! In a conservation of energy, I totally understand why they readily offer these sentiments. It is because actually preparing laws and doing the tough job costs the taxpayer dollars and congressional golf hours.
Speaking of news from the golf course, our President has weighed in on this pressing issue, offering a couple of solutions for American consideration. First is the arming of American educators across the nation. No, that is not a joke. I cursed out loud in a public place when I saw the headline come on the news. It comes with the promise of a slight pay raise for teachers committed to the concealed carry/Active Shooter training as incentive. So, we would, literally, be adding guns to a gun problem. Instead of a mentally deranged person having to plan and bring a weapon into a school, they could just come to school and take it from their teacher. Or students could now be forced to dodge bullets from an Active Shooter AND their professors! Or First Responders would have to try and figure out the difference between the Shooter’s gun fire and the teachers! Or maybe, just maybe, Mrs. McGillicuddy becomes Rambo in a dangerous situation, saves all of the children, and comes running from the burning building carrying the American Flag. But probably not. Because in the crosshairs of her Department of Education issued weapon will be a current/former student who she cared for, and her conscious or nerves will keep her from pulling the trigger.
Needless to say, putting more guns into schools only sounds good to the NRA as a new contract with the Department of Education. I cannot believe that this is even up for debate. I would have prefered Thoughts and Prayers.’
There is no silver lining here. We just wait for the next episode of “Mass Shooting in America,” starring some poor imbecile with whom has been granted access to weapons and ammunition, but not granted access to mental health care.
But fear not, America. We will receive our government issued rations of THOUGHTS and PRAYERS and half measures of legislature to get us through to the next massacre.

I DO NOT make light of this situation. I am pissed off. We all are.

What do we do?

What do we say?

Because I can no longer stomach these losses of little life. My spirit is ashamed of offering these weeping mothers my ‘thoughts and prayers;’ as should the spirits of the men and women in Washington. But, I guess it’s easier to sleep at night in a room full of NRA cash contributions, than it is in a house that will no longer hear the laughter of a child. Those empty rooms and spaces where life was just beginning, and hope lived in abundance….

How many thoughts and prayers would it take to fill those voids?

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